Tom Hardy wants you to trust him when it comes to the role of Bane

Often you will hear this little statement from fans of Christopher Nolan, "In Nolan we trust." I've heard it a lot more after Bane and Catwoman were revealed to the masses.

You know who else trusts Nolan? Tom Hardy. The actor has read the comments of the fans who may not be entirely satisfied with how their beloved Bane is looking, or sounding.

Hardy responded to the criticism during an interview with Cinemovie.tv. You can listen to the whole thing here.

When you listen in, you will hear Hardy joke around, "I do read comments and I cry. I can't cry for everybody." He also knows how fandom goes, "So many people love him. And when you step into that role - you are going to fail. And be judged." Then Hardy says something all too familiar, "Just trust me. I trust Nolan."

Hardy also adds that he gained 179 for WARRIOR then increased his weight to 190 to play Bane in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. He says that some fans want to see him at 220 pounds then jokingly corrects himself saying that they actually want him at 400 pounds.

I completely agree with Hardy here. No one is every going to be pleased in a universal aspect. Someone, somewhere is always going to find a fault to bitch/whine about. That's just how it is.

Source: Cinemovie.tv



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