Tom Hiddleston rumored to be in talks to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond

James Bond gun barrel

With Daniel Craig having recently signed on to join the cast of Steven Soderbergh's heist flick LOGAN LUCKY, it's becoming more likely that the man may just not return for a fifth Bond film. Craig has never seemed particularly excited about the franchise, to say the least, so it would be no surprise that the powers that be would look into a possible replacement. Word is that Jamie Bell has already spoken with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli regarding the role, and now we have another name to add to that list; Tom Hiddleston.

Birth.Movies.Death. says that one of their sources has stated serious talks have begun regarding Hiddleston taking on the role. This comes as no great surprise, considering the interest and charisma of the actor, but it's still a welcome name to add to the list. However, you know as well as I do that there are usually A LOT of names discussed before a new Bond if chosen, and they're certainly not against picking the underdog (otherwise we might be talking about Clive Owen's replacement, instead of Craig's). Frankly, they can cast whomever they want, as long as the next endeavor is a lot more fun than the mess that was SPECTRE.

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