Tom Jane's Country

Noted genre fan Thomas Jane has been discussing his directing debut for months now (and actively working on it, in fact -- read the production diary RIGHT HERE), but official news of the project is finally hitting the trades.

The actor (and horror/comic fan) is getting behind the camera for DARK COUNTRY, a “dark noir Hitchcockian thriller” about a honeymooning couple whose misery begins when they find a wounded man on a desert road, and things get progressively worse from there. Aside from Jane himself, the cast includes HOSTEL II babe Lauren German, and Ron Perlman, who just worked with Jane on THE MUTANT CHRONICLES.

The movie is being simultaneously shot in 3-D high definition as well as standard 2-D, and will be released by one of Sony's theatrical labels. Jane next appears in Frank Darabont's grocery store terror tale THE MIST.
Extra Tidbit: Jane started the comic company Raw Entertainment with artist Tim Bradstreet (who has long provided covers for THE PUNISHER series) and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT writer Steve Niles.
Source: Variety



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