Tomei to Wrestle

I'm no scientist, but I'm pretty sure if you were to quantify how hot Marissa Tomei is, you'd find it was somewhere between Jessica Simpson and the surface of the sun. Today she has signed on to star alongside Mickey Rourke in THE WRESTLER. And for the first time ever I report on a Darren Aronofsky film and him being involved isn't the best thing about the story. No, the best thing is that Tomei is involved and she's playing a stripper. And strippers rule. God knows what she was playing in BEFORE THE DEVIL KNOWS YOU'RE DEAD, but she was buck naked getting railed before I even know what the film was about, so I'd say we've got a pretty good shot of getting an equally pleasing shot in this one too. The film is about an over-the-hill 1980s-era pro grappler (Rourke) who quits the business after a heart attack and moves in with a stripper (Tomei) to build a relationship with her son. I used to think that actors made films to challenge themselves. But I literally don't know how Tomei can better herself. I mean, she's already gotten slammed from behind from the opening credits of a movie, which in my book, pretty much means you've won at life.
Extra Tidbit: Best looking chick to play a stripper on film? I think I'd go with Natalie Portman, thus far.
Source: Variety



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