Tom's space

I was checking MySpace today and I got a friend request from someone claiming to be Tom Hanks. When I first saw the name, I knew it had to be some douche taking on his identity, because Tom and I hadn’t spoken in years, and there was no way Tom would a) ever get MySpace and b) would ever seek me out to reconcile. But then, when I accepted this dude’s request, I was shocked and even a little disturbed that it really was Tom. Tom Hanks has MySpace. And it isn’t like Leo DiCaprio’s MySpace page, it isn’t “the official Tom Hanks MySpace page.” It’s actually a page made by him. He only has around 6500 friends, but expect that number to increase dramatically, because who doesn’t want to be friends with Forrest Gump? Anyway, you can check out the page HERE, and Tom, if I can address you directly, I’m still not sorry, and you should really get Facebook. MySpace is hurting. .
Extra Tidbit: I'm not going to tell you guys what happened between me and Tom, it's too embarrassing for both of us.
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