Tony and Ridley Scott want to run MGM

MGM's financial troubles are no secret in the industry today, and the company has been struggling to find leadership to help bring it back from the brink.

Well, they might have found their saviors in Tony and Ridley Scott, who according the Financial Times, have expressed an interest in contributing cash to MGM and running the studio. Via Deadline:

The assumption is that, if MGM emerges from the busted auction as a stand-alone and restructured company, a new management team will be brought in to run the studio once its fate is determined by creditors. "The Scott brothers have their own production company, Scott Free, but it is unclear whether their proposal would involve combining it with MGM, or if they are seeking a stake in the recapitalized studio. They could not be reached for comment."

How this situation exactly arose is unclear, but it would certainly be good news for MGM if Tony and Sir Ridley jumped onboard. If they signed on, what would you want to see them do with MGM?

Extra Tidbit: I really hope ROBIN HOOD turns out well. I haven’t seen a truly excellent Ridley Scott movie now in nearly a decade.



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