Tony Scott attached to direct adaptation of Mark Millar And Steve McNiven's Nemesis

Wow. Three days in a row now, director Tony Scott's been in the news. First, word came that Scott is considering taking on the John Grisham lawyer-thriller THE ASSOCIATE. Then yesterday, we revealed the trailer for his latest film UNSTOPPABLE, an action-drama about a runaway locomotive.

Today, Bleeding Cool reports and Deadline confirms that Scott is officially attached to direct NEMESIS, an adaptation of the comic book by Mark Millar And Steve McNiven.

Here's Deadline's summation of the Batman-like comic: "Nemesis focuses on Matt Anderson, a billionaire genius who’s the world’s greatest fighter, bent on avenging the death of his beloved parents. The twist is, they were villains and he is also a bad guy, a costumed vigilante who travels the world, picking off top cops. He returns to D.C. to launch a campaign of terror against Blake Morrow, the police chief who captured the caped vigilante’s parents."

Scott's kinetic visual style would, I think, lend itself gloriously to a comic book adaptation. Even Millar agrees. Here's a little of what he had to say on the Millarworld forums shortly after the announcement:

"Bryan Hitch and I would reference Tony on a weekly basis when we were doing The Ultimates. Our dream was an Ultimates movie with Scott directing because he can do the character work and the intensity, but also handle scale and action like practically no other. The idea of a him helming a superhero movie had us giddy and here he is directing the one Steve McNiven and I created."
Extra Tidbit: Who's your favorite Scott brother? Tony or Ridley?



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