Tony Scott's war

I really feel for Tony Scott. It would be difficult to say that I'd rather have his portfolio than Ridley's, but I definitely like a lot of his films, and like his very distinct style, yet he's definitely (and by a long shot I think) the least artistically appreciated of the Scott brothers. Now, in some facet or another, Scott is to bring the story of Hollywood Agent, Pat Dollard to the big-screen, having optioned an article about his life.

Dollard - during his career as a typical Hollywood-agent (ex-wives, drugs) - first nurtured the career of a then-unknown Steven Soderbergh, before embedding himself in the Marines in Iraq, where he joined patrols and survived bombings.

There is no word as to whether or not Scott will direct from the screenplay which will be written by Evan Wright (the author of the original article about Dollard) and Dollard himself.
Extra Tidbit: As an attempt to emphasise the transformation in his life, it's alleged that Dollard 'went from wearing Armani suits to sporting a mohawk and shaving the word 'DIE' in his chest hair'.
Source: Dark Horizons



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