Tony Stark isn't feeling too hot in this alternate Iron Man 2 opening

Often we see alternate endings for movies come out as the DVD release date draws closer, but rarely do you see alternate openings. I thought this may be some sort of comedy skit when I first read the title but nope, it's a real opening that was scrapped for the theatrical release of IRON MAN 2.

I guess the studio didn't want to open the movie with Tony Stark throwing up in a toilet. I'm not sure if the implication here is that it's alcohol induced, or just travel sickness from the plane. I'm assuming the former, due to Stark's later problems in the movie and the fact that he f*cking flies around at supersonic speeds in a claustrophobic suit all day.

It also has that scene from the trailer we all missed in the actual film, where Pepper kisses his helmet and throws it out of the plane. I think they should have at least kept that little bit of it.

Extra Tidbit: I think they toned down Tony's alcoholism a bit from how much they originally planned to put in. This scene was probably a casualty.
Source: YouTube



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