Torso not dead (yet)

Torso book cover

Seems like the movie adaptation of the comic TORSO has been through so much ups and downs for so long it would make a compelling story of its own. And it has, since author Brian Bendis covers it in his book on his Hollywood experience.

Talking to the folks of MTV's Splash Page this week, comic book artist Bendis recapped on how the film got the greenlight for about a week last year with David Fincher and Matt Damon onboard, then suddenly got pulled and abandoned by Paramount.

"The rights reverted back to co-creator Marc Andreyko and myself, and it all kind of went away," he explained. "Now, not so much. Things are percolating back and movement is afoot behind the scenes to get it going again with all the principals, so... we'll see what happens." All the principals? Do Fincher and Damon have that much free time?

For anyone who hasn't followed the saga for the last (I think) 10 years or so, the comic book is based on Eliot Ness' real life attempt to apprehend a serial killer terrorizing Cleveland in the 1930s. The title comes from the killer's habit of leaving only that part of his victims' bodies to be found.

Anyone think this is actually on the verge of happening? Is Matt Damon a good fit for Ness?

Extra Tidbit: As long as Bob Zemeckis doesn't get interested in this; he'd probably do a motion-captured CG resurrection of the late Robert Stack...
Source: Splash Page



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