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Total Recall remake


We were warned, and they meant it. A new version of Paul Verhoeven's wondrously violent sci-fi mindjob TOTAL RECALL is on the way. It's nearly a whole two decades old, and therefore requires a hot new cast and loads more CGI!

Writer Kurt Wimmer (EQUILIBRIUM, upcoming SALT) will be helping you remember it wholesale with what is only being described as a "contemporized adaptation" of the original Philip K. Dick story. Columbia and producer/noisemaker Neal Moritz (STEALTH, XXX) are plugging you into Rekall for some painful memory eradication.

The original modern classic starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as an average Joe/Quaid/Hauser whose implanted memory "vacation" uncorks his real personality as a secret agent. So he travels to Mars and meets a chick with three boobs, an irritating cabbie, a machinegunning midget whore and a guy with a greasy puppet in his chest, and then he slaughters almost everyone in sight and/or saves the planet. 

Extra Tidbit: Benny's the name. Benny!!
Source: Variety



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