Tour Iron Man's house!

Yeah, the IRON MAN stuff was getting a bit much, but damn it if those guys at Paramount haven't thought up another way to let us know this movie is on the way. Click HERE to check out Tony Stark's house! Director Jon Favreau takes us on an MTV Cribs style tour of the Stark household, which is pretty much what you would get if God asked you to close your eyes and picture the baddest place you could ever live, and then fashioned it out of the stars, but timesed what you pictured by ten. I know "timesed" isn't a word, but you're gonna tell God what he can/can't do?

IRON MAN, in case you haven't heard, drops on May 2nd. It stars Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges. But of course, you already knew all that already.

Extra Tidbit: Ghostface Killah, himself a huge IRON MAN fan, makes an appearance in the film as a Dubai tycoon.
Source: Yahoo



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