Tournament fight clip

THE TOURNAMENT may turn out to be one of the best action films of the year, and practically no one has heard of it. The title refers to a competition that has the world's best assassins pitted against each other in a random city, with the last man (or woman) standing the victor.

It’s a very cool concept, and thanks to actor and martial artist Scott Adkins' fan page, we have this fight scene, between Adkins and Kelly Hu, the latter of which is protecting a priest (Robert Carlyle) from harm’s way. He could return the favor by helping her out in the fight, but he seems to think the proper way to use a shotgun it to poke someone in the back with it.

Check out the mayhem below and pick up THE TOURNAMENT on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow. Don't let that release format turn you off, it's a kickass film through and through. 

Extra Tidbit: Lesson learned: always keep grenades INSIDE your cargo pants.
Source: Scott Adkins



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