Toy Story 2010

Woody and Buzz Lightyear are traveling to the future! In a manner of speaking, anyway -- TOY STORY 3 is now pushed back to a debut in 2010, the same year Roy Scheider heads to Jupiter for more fun with obelisks.

Pixar and Disney animation honcho John Lasseter was in New Orleans to announce their new Big Easy traditional 'toon THE FROG PRINCESS (due in 2009) and mentioned that things were finally in motion on the third CG action figure escapade. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen (whose career is apparently unkillable) are expected to lend their voices once more, as well as John Ratzenberger, we can safely assume. But no word yet on other characters -- will that cowgirl whose song made me cry in the second one return as well?

The script comes from LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE scribe Michael Arndt (and will likely also get piecemealed together by other Pixar staff along the way), but story details are still undisclosed.
Extra Tidbit: Before the companies reunited, Disney began developing their own TOY STORY 3 without Pixar. The now-discarded story had a malfunctioning Buzz getting recalled to a Taiwan factory, and Woody and the gang mounting a rescue.



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