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Toy Story 3 pic


There are a few disconcerting things about this first official image out of TOY STORY 3 (via Moviefone). It’s a full cast shot, but where is Bo-peep? Isn’t she supposed to be Woody’s main squeeze? I guess she always was pretty one dimensional compared to the other toys. And what kind of boy has a Little Bo-peep doll anway?

Why is Mrs. Potato Head missing an eye? Is this something I missed in the last movie, or is it a sign of domestic potato abuse? And why is Woody looking around the day care looking terrified while everyone else is overjoyed? Is he having flashbacks to his old days in the shit at some 1950's day care?

Strangeness, but this movie will rock all the same. Click to see it huge over at Moviefone.

Extra Tidbit: Why can't the horse talk? The dog and dinosaur and potato can talk.
Source: Moviefone



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