Trailer for Eclipse shows more action less lovey dovey crap

Can I start this by saying the new trailer for ECLIPSE makes it look like the film will be less hokey than the past two?

Okay, I can say it, but getting anyone, anywhere to believe me is a different story.

The trailer shows more action and less scenes regarding who wins the prize of the pale brunette with the awful wig. It still doesn't look anywhere near great though, but what do you do when you have this type of source material to work with? Was it ever going to be something epic like LORD OF THE RINGS? Hell no.

ECLIPSE is more about the fight scenes than the love story, at least that's what plays out more in the book. Uncontrollable newborn vampires have been creating havok in Seattle and are making their way to Bella (Kristen Stewart). The newborns are a massive group lead by Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard) who is ready to get revenge. The vampires and wolves must put their differences aside to come together in order to take out Victoria and the newborns. Of course, Jacob (Taylor Lautner) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) are still fighting over Bella, but this is where she finally chooses...like you don't already know the outcome.

Extra Tidbit: Stephanie Meyer is working on a spin off for one of the young vampires in the series named Bree. No word yet on if it will get the big screen treatment.
Source: JoBlo



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