Trailer for Jordan

JORDAN poster

I always like to find a trailer for a small indie film that completely captures my curiosity, as is the case here with JORDAN, a film that I find hard to decipher what genre it'll actually turn out to be.

From rookie director Stuart Hynson Culpepper, the film follows a cute young girl who, having been found by a small town cop after walking away from a car crash, claims that the woman who calls herself her mother is in fact a complete stranger. Which one is lying, and why?

The synopsis points toward a by-the-numbers psycho-kid thriller like we've seen a few recently (JOSHUA with Sam Rockwell comes to mind) but seeing that trailer down there leaves a completely different impression. Which is what makes me curious to know more.

Let me know what you all think of it, and whether it warrants more probing on our part; being a small indie film, there's no release detail yet know so we might have to push a little bit to see it.

Extra Tidbit: No kid is creepier than Hallie Eisenberg in those old Pepsi commercials.
Source: Quiet Earth



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