Trailer for the newly retitled The Baytown Outlaws looks like some rowdy redneck fun

A while back we saw the trailer for THE BAYTOWN DISCO and now the film is back in the marketing machine with a new title to boot.  THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS, which is likely a bit more marketable title, features a ragtag group of Southern mercenaries (think an R-rated Dukes of Hazard) who are hired to retrieve the disabled gangster's son and in doing so become targets of an oddball lot of assassins and thugs.  It's like JACKASS meets SMOKIN' ACES. The pic stars Eva Longoria, Billy Bob Thornton, Zoe Bell, Paul Wesley, Daniel Cudmore, and Natalie Martinez, all of them looking hot, dirty, or both. 


At first glance, you might be thinking; straight-to-video shlock.  Then, as the trailer gets going it seems like a lot of fun and by the end, you're like, f*ck yeah, man, let's watch this shit.  Watching the movie seems like it would be a metaphor for the disabled kid's journey in the film.  Scary at first, but then an awesome ride.  Or it could be complete crap, but I get the feeling it's going to be a low-down, dirty-good time. 

Directed by Barry Battles, THE BAYTOWN OUTLAWS hits VOD on December 4, 2012, with a limited theatrical run in January 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Zoe Bell!
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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