Trailerize The Nines

The Nines Screenwriter extraordinaire John August's feature directorial debut THE NINES is basically an enigma. It's part drama, part comedy and part thriller, all wrapped in a giant what the fuck package. It's a compilation of three interconnected half hour shorts in which Ryan Reynolds plays a boozy actor, an uptight TV showrunner and a famous video game designer. It's up to us to find the connections and try to unravel what the hell's going on. And it's this dubious and enigmatic nature that makes it perfect for a trailer competition because you can present the film in several different ways with a two and a half minute trailer. August himself has provided the clips and it's up to you to cut it all together into a kick ass trailer. There's no prize per se other than August reading the name of the winner at the film's premiere in Austin but it is a good exercise for those of you with some mad crazy editing skillz. Just have your trailer in by 6:00am on September 25th and you're all set. Get the details at the film's official site HERE and check out an FAQ about the event at August' excellent blog HERE. The film opens August 31st.

Extra Tidbit: August used his own house as a set for two of the three shorts.



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