Transformers 2 Skids

Some intrepid photographer has managed to snag some pictures of the cast and crew of TRANSFORMERS: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN in Arizona at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Apparently if the plates are to be believed there will be an Autobot called "Skids" in the movie, that is a Chevy Beat. And I know what you're all thinking: what the hell is a Skids?

I'm a pretty big TRANSFORMERS geek and I have never in my life heard of this dude. Wikipedia proves me wrong, but even so; what the hell? What's with movie writers throwing in the most obscure characters from the canon as possible? I swear there is literally no excuse for this movie not having Soundwave or Blaster or Ultra Magnus now. Not unless somewhere in this character's history is a mechanical malfunction where he undresses any chicks that are close to him. And then Michael Bay puts Megan Fox close to him. In which case, well played, sir.
Extra Tidbit: Merge for the kill!!
Source: Jalopnik



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