Transformers 3 script is complete, feel the excitement!

For those of you who are actually looking forward to the third installment of TRANSFORMERS, I've got some good news for you.

During an interview at ShoWest with Josh Duhamel, the actor gave Cinema Blend an update on the status of TF3.

The actor met with director Michael Bay yesterday and he let him know that the script for the film was finished. They are also prepping to start this summer. According to the tidbit from Bay last month, they should start up in Chicago, Detroit, or Washington D.C.

TF2 wasn't amazingly good, but it was somewhat entertaining. If this is the final film of the series, I'll definitely see it on DVD. Unless there's a scene where Megan Fox strips all of her clothes off, then I'll have to go see that shit in IMAX.

Extra Tidbit: Say, "Ewww" to Megan Fox all you want, but if she was right in front of you, I doubt you'd say no. If you have that sort of restraint then I congratulate you. You have to admit, Fox is way hotter than that Michelle Bombshell chick Jesse James cheated with. She's definitely a hell no.
Source: Cinema Blend



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