Transformers 5 will go from 0 to 2 plots over a couple of hours

After awhile, people just threw up their hands and accepted the TRANSFORMERS movies for whatever they were. While everything after the first movie has more than a few detractors, the box office takes for each TRANSFORMERS sequel proved that a good amount of people didn't care all that much if the movies made any kind of sense as long as they contained giant robots in disguise fighting each other and fistfuls of Michael Bay explosions being thrown at the screen. Plot, meaningful characters, all those elements that a movie typically contains seemed to be either overlooked or disregarded or maybe both in order for a steady diet of movie eye sugar.

So it should come as a bit of surprise that Paramount and Michael Bay have ideas to do something different for TRANSFORMERS 5, namely actually tell a story within the confines of what passes for a blockbuster feature film these days. Voice actor Mark Ryan, who spoke as the characters Jetfire in REVENGE OF THE FALLEN and Lockdown in AGE OF EXTINCTION, recently remarked at the UK's Wings And Wheels Convention that TRANSFORMERS 5 isn't going to settle for only trying to squeeze one plot into the next entry. They're going for two.

The first would revolve around Marky Mark's Mark Wahlberg's character Cade, some Autobots and the returning Dinobots once again trying to save Earth from another destructive force that wants to take over and kill everything and everyone. As for the second, that would take Optimus Prime into space to find the Quintessons, creators of the Transformers. (And here I thought it was Hasbro all this time.) Along the way he'd face Unicron and probably die for a period of time until he's brought back for the film's climax, because isn't that how all TRANSFORMERS movies seem to go these days anyway?

No details have come from Bay or Wahlberg or anyone else associated with TRANSFORMERS 5 about these rumors of an alleged plot or two, but, with a 2017 release already marked by the studio, you'd have to think they have some semblance of what they want to do as a probable early 2016 production schedule gets closer.

Michael Bay's latest 13 HOURS: THE SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI lands in theaters on January 15, 2016.

Source: Christian Post



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