Transformers clip

Today was one of those moments that could possibly have caused me to shed a tear if I wasn't trying to be a man in front of the broad at the cinema: I booked my tickets for the release of TRANSFORMERS next week. It is literally impossible to gauge just how excited I am about seeing Prime beat on Megatron like an erection for two hours. Anyway, I'm kind of over watching new clips for the flick, since most of them seem to be at saturation point, just recycling the old footage. Not this one though, check it out:

In other news, don't forget that TRANSMORPHERS (from the people that brought us SNAKES ON A TRAIN) comes out... some time. Check out the trailer, so that you can appreciate what Michael Bay is giving us, HERE at FilmJunk.
Extra Tidbit: Jeff Haydock brought my attention to THIS, which is seriously the funniest thing I have seen in ages. Seriously. If you're a TRANSFORMERS fan you have to see it. Beware of frequent swearing.
Source: The Movie Blog



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