Transformers posters!

In today's USA Today two new teaser posters for TRANSFORMERS were debuted. Sadly those two new teaser posters are not included on USA Today's website. Paramount, knowing that USA Today isn't always the most web friendly outlet known to man, made sure they were available online and gave the hi-res images to the boys at AICN. We have character posters essentially with one Optimus Prime poster ("Protect") and another Megatron poster ("Destroy"). I gotta say I'm pretty impressed with the Prime image but Megatron is still letting me down. I dug the script when I read it last year, but who goes to a TRANSFORMERS movie for a script? I want giant bad-ass robot fights! And the sweaty cleavage of Megan Fox. (Both of which I look like I'm getting with Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS.) Check out the poster below and click on Optimus to head to AICN to check out the Megatron version.

Extra Tidbit: So sad that Chris Latta, voice of Starscream, won't be around to lend his classic voice to the film.



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