Transformers sequel!

Is there really any doubt that there would be a sequel to the hugely anticipated TRANSFORMERS movie? Apparently, as Michael Bay says, "the studio likes what it has seen and is already developing a "Transformers" sequel script."

I really hope this is the case, since I pretty much decided after falling in love with the animated flick way back in 1986 that I would love this movie. Sure, Prime's lips have kind of derailed somewhat my unrelenting enthusiasm, but just like the rest of you Transfans, I cried when Prime went black, and then again when I realised he had decided to give the Matrix to Ultra Magnus (why??). I also spent much of my adolescence, not chasing girls, but trying to figure out where Snarl disappeared to and how most of the Decepticons that were killed at the beginning of the movie were for some reason playing trumpet for Starscream's coronation. Is news of a sequel really 'news'? I guess hardly, but at least now we know, even if hell does freeze over and this movie bombs, instead of blaming Shia Labeouf, we can rejoice in the fact that planning for a sequel is already in place.
Extra Tidbit: Stan Bush is composing a song for the movie. Hopefully you'll remember how excited "Dare" and "You've Got The Touch" got us in the 1986 flick.
Source: LA Times



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