Transformers TV spot

Here we are with another TRANSFORMERS TV spot, this one airing during Fox's AMERICAN IDOL. As we know the new theatrical trailer is dropping today at 1:10pm eastern time, so as you wait for that check out the TV spot, which features some sweet new footage of Bumblebee and a couple of the Decepticons.

Now, it's obvious that this TV spot is awesome, but there is a little something that concerns me. I know that there are a lot of humans in the film (like man-candy Josh Duhamel), and I'm cool with that, but I'd really hate to think that anything the humans do can influence the outcome of an Autobot/Decepticon battle. As you can see in the spot, Tyrese yells "Bring it!!" as if he's going to jump in front of Megatron and throw down. I don't know about you guys but when a Decepticon bites the dust I don't want it to be down to Tyrese (or any of the other human characters) with a rocket-launcher, hiding behind a wall and taking him out at the knees, I want it to be because Prime tore him a new ass hole. Unless the movie ended with Megatron getting shot in the chest and then a cut to Shia Labeouf holding a gun and that Imogen Heap song playing, like in the SNL DEAR SISTER short. That would be awesome.
Extra Tidbit: I know this sounds like hyperbole, but THIS is literally my all-time favourite movie scene.
Source: /FilmYoutube



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