Transmorphers trailer

Message to Michael Bay: If you're reading this article, I want you to take note, because what you're about to see is everything your upcoming TRANSFORMERS movie should have been. So what if early reviews have been ecstatic, and pretty much everything we've seen from your movie, from posters to tv spots to Megan Fox has been stunning, I implore you to behold the trailer for the movie BELOW, called TRANSMORPHERS. It was made by a studio called Asylum, that specializes in releasing straight-to-dvd movies in the vein of their bigger budget studio counterparts. When SNAKES ON A PLANE came out, they gave us SNAKES ON A TRAIN. When THE DA VINCI CODE came out, they gave us THE DA VINCI TREASURE. Anyway Michael, don't let the awesomeness of this trailer scare you. You have Shia Labeouf in your movie, who's hotter than an oven that was accidently left on overnight.

Anyhow, I bring you TRANSMORPHERS.

Extra Tidbit: Some other Asylum classics: King of the Lost World released a day before Peter Jackson's KING KONG, and Pirates of Treasure Island, released ten days before DEAD MAN'S CHEST.
Source: Filmjunk



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