Transporter was gay?

Could Frank Martin, the titular "transporter" from the popular action series THE TRANSPORTER, be gay? I'd be lying if I said I didn't think the films were a little homoerotic but I didn't think Jason Statham's character was literally a homosexual. Turns out though that's exactly what Louis Leterrier, director of TRANSPORTER 2 and later THE INCREDIBLE HULK, had in mind. Leterrier said that he shot the second TRANSPORTER film with Statham as a gay character saying, "If you watch the movie and you know he's gay, it becomes so much more fun." True... but why would he do that? "Action fans in general are pretty homophobic. You see these tough guys who say, 'THE TRANSPORTER, that's such a great movie!’ If they only knew they're really cheering for a new kind of action hero!" Unfortunately for Leterrier, TRANSPORTER 3 director Olivier Megaton didn't agree that Martin was gay (or at least thought him bisexual) and let him kiss his co-star Natalya Rudakova. So what do you think? Would it change your opinion of the TRANSPORTER franchise if you knew Statham's character was gay?

Extra Tidbit: The oil wrestling scene should have given it away...
Source: LA Times



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