Travel to 1980s New York with Ethan Hawke in the Ten Thousand Saints trailer

If you're looking to scratch that coming-of-age itch, enter Not-Spider-Man Asa Butterfield in TEN THOUSAND SAINTS. The story follows seventeen-year-old Jude (Butterfield) who, after death of his best friend, is sent to live with his pot-dealing absentee father (Ethan Hawke). Lacking guidance, the drug-addled Jude falls under the sway of his late best friend's half-brother, Johnny (Emile Hirsch), who preaches a straight-edge lifestyle. Cue love, life, rock tunes, and Ethan Hawke being hilarious.

While Ethan Hawke playing the father figure might seem a little too close to BOYHOOD, the vibe of this film is totally different, and his character here seems to be a lot more lax in comparison. It's easy to see why Asa Butterfield was up for the role of Spider-Man, as he has the acting chops for the coming-of-age angle. Frankly, I'm really happy to see him reteam with his ENDER'S GAME co-star, Hailee Steinfeld. She totally killed it in TRUE GRIT, and since then I've been watching her career with great interest (#Palpatine).

You can read our review of TEN THOUSAND SAINTS from Sundance here as we wait for the flick to open in theaters on August 14, 2015.



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