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Treat yourself to a septuple helping of clips from Ed Helms' Vacation


I'm still surprised by the reaction to the upcoming remake/reboot/sequel to NATIONAL LAMPOON'S VACATION, but damn if people aren't quite as offended by the idea as I thought they'd be. VACATION may not be destined to take its place among the comedy greats but for those of us looking for a fun raunchy time at the theater, it seems like VACATION may fit the bill.

Warner Bros. have released seven new clips from VACATION, which you can check out below!

Remember when films could be released without first being proceeded by a teaser for the teaser, a teaser, a red-band trailer, a green-band trailer, a final trailer, fifty TV spots, and a handful of clips? Me neither. I'm not entirely certain why studios feel the need to spoil their own films but this is the world we live in now.

VACATION is set for a July 29, 2015 release.

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