Tree of Life in '09?

Will we see Terrence Malick's TREE OF LIFE this year?? Apparently so, if ScreenDaily is to be believed! The film, starring Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, follows a man who struggles to come to terms with a childhood torn apart by sickness, suffering and death. And it seems that it has just been picked up for distribution by TriPictures, who expect to release it in the US later this year.

Obviously, epic news. On the one hand, awesome, possibly the movie I'm most looking forward to right now. On the other hand there is no way in hell I'll get my girlfriend to sign off on this. So I'm gonna have to start stocking up on favors big time. Also great is that maybe TREE OF LIFE will (hopefully) have a legitimate Oscar shot this year too. It would be awesome for Malick to be a front-runner if only for the fact that you would know where he was gonna be for an evening. That guy is so elusive. He's like Jason Bourne, if Jason Bourne, in addition to his CIA background, he had special ninja training, shoes made out of cotton wool, and was invisible.
Extra Tidbit: Malick wrote an unused treatment for DIRTY HARRY.
Source: ScreenDaily



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