Trejo the Champion

I remember seeing Danny Trejo’s deeply-lined face for the first time in DESPERADO as Navajas, the knife-tossing lunatic who hunts down Banderas with a tiger’s ferocity. He was as menacing as anyone I had seen on screen, and since then Trejo’s career has lived up to the badass-incarnate image he showed me in our first encounter (with a few softies sprinkled in between for the children). Now there’s a documentary about Trejo’s life called CHAMPION, about the difficult path he traveled on his way to a successful career in movies. Trejo grew up on the rough (beck then) streets of Echo Park, Los Angeles, committing crimes, falling addict to drugs, and going in and out of prison. To reach the level of success that he has, you know there’s an inspiring story to be told. The trailer for CHAMPION is online, and it looks like a tale of redemption that will shed some light on one of the most recognizable faces in movies. Check out the movie’s official website where you can purchase your own copy and be sure to watch the trailer over HERE. Cheers to Charles for the heads up.
Extra Tidbit: Trejo appears as a playable character in the video game DEF JAM: FIGHT FOR NY.



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