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Trek back in IMAX


     Zack REALLY wants to be on IMAX...

Say what you will about JJ's STAR TREK revamp, it kicked all kinds of butts at the box-office and schooled a whole lot of franchises on how to properly reboot. And for those like me who only got to see it once in theaters, here's a bit of good news.

The film only had a 2-week run in IMAX screens when it was released last May, due to other "big" movies already booked in as well, even though a huge crappy mess of transforming robots isn't any better on 22ft screens. So while we're waiting for that November DVD release, Paramount will re-release Trek on over 100 IMAX screen this Friday for an additional 2-week run.

The move MIGHT simply be an attempt to boost its summer box-office numbers, but honestly I don't care: I got a few days off coming and you bet your ass I'll get me some Green Orion chick on that uber-giant screen!

Extra Tidbit: Will Zach Quinto walk out on Heroes, or will he put his new-found fame on hold while the show runs its course? Although the show might not be alive for many more years...
Source: Variety



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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