Trek cast could be...

So it turns out JJ Abrams isn't leaving STAR TREK after all... Gotta give credit to Latino Review for just coming out and being man enough to admit they were wrong. Hey bum information happens. It's happened to me, them, AICN, pretty much everyone who does this for a living. But we move on. Speaking of moving on, now that it's officialy that Abrams is directing STAR TREK XI, we can officially start talking about casting. IGN's Stax is reporting that there are already three names on Paramount's wish list. Starting the list off is Matt Damon who was previously rumored to be a young James T. Kirk. Also on the list for Spock and Bones? Well you'll just have to head to IGN Movies to find out. I dig the choices but I'd give Abrams and Paramount all the credit in the world if they were able to secure this cast. I still think Zachary Quinto, currently starring on NBC's "Heroes" would make a great Spock, but that's just me.

Extra Tidbit: What's the best subtitle you can think of for this STAR TREK? STAR TREK: THE BEGINNING? STAR TREK: THE COLLEGE YEARS?
Source: IGN Movies



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