Trek footage report

Things have been notoriously tight around the set of JJ Abrams STAR TREK reboot. No set visits, no official pics, not a whole lot of anything to sink our teeth into. But today we get our first report of footage from the film from Ain't it Cool News. Turns out Harry Knowles was in LA and just decided to call JJ Abrams who randomly invited him to the edit bay to watch some footage. Abrams told Knowles that he hadn't shown ANYONE footage from the film, including executives at Paramount (how much of that is true and how much is hyperbole is the subject of debate). You can click here to read about what he saw but my gut tells me that Harry was not blown away. There's a lot of cautious statements like "I’ve no idea of what this is going to be" and things were "really nicely" done. I don't know about you but when Harry likes something he usually tends to go a little...overboard? (Wasn't SPEED RACER described as "chocolate coated pussy juice?") Of course I'll leave further interpretations up to you. I'm not a huge TREK fan anyway so maybe die-hards will more easily be able to read between the lines. Interestingly though, Abrams was candid about his disagreement with the delay to next year...

Extra Tidbit: That's Jolene Blalock up above for no other reason than she's the extent of my "Star Trek" knowledge.



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