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Trek: Spocks, poster

Even with all the attention on JJ Abrams' mysterious monster movie (now called COLOSSUS?) -- which he's just producing, by the way -- we haven't lost sight of his other high-profile project, the reboot/prequel of STAR TREK.

And the movie officially has its Vulcan. Two of them, actually. But the same character. And yet neither has an evil goatee! The previously rumored Zachary Quinto, best known as the villain Sylar on the popular yet silly superhero show HEROES, will put on the ears and Starfleet uniform as young Spock in the flick.

But wait, there's more Spock! Leonard Nimoy himself will also return to his legendary role... which makes me wonder if the movie will be bookended by Spock and Kirk sitting around having a chat: "Hey, remember way back when we were younger and played by other actors?"

In addition, JoBlo ensign 'ElderPredator' sent along the new teaser poster for the flick. Set phasers on 'Retro'.

Extra Tidbit: Spock's first name is Carl.
Source: Variety



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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