Trinity Hooks Up

Yeah, Carrie-Anne Moss blazed that trail that Christopher Mintz-Plasse is currently walking, and I don't feel confident anyone would know who I was talking about if I called the article "Moss hooks up". But as THE CHUMSCRUBBER showed, she is hot, and so hopefully her new flick HANGING OUT HOOKING UP FALLING IN LOVE will give us another chance to ogle her tremendous cleavage. Don't be fooled though, along with Jennifer Lopez movies and dudes wearing cardigans, Gen X titles like that make me freaking hurl.

Written and directed by Barra Grant (LIFE OF THE PARTY), the story centers on a man whose wife, Amanda (Moss), has left him. With the help of his 18-year-old son and friends, he reinvents himself and gains insight about love, women and how to woo back his wife.

The cast includes Richard E. Grant, Janeane Garofalo, Jenna Elfman, and the prisoner from SILENCE OF THE LAMBS that flings his semen at Jodie Foster. Okay, not really the last one, but I think we can all agree this flick would be infinitely more interesting if he was in the movie.
Extra Tidbit: Check it out: Carrie-Annamossity. I just made that up, like off the top of my head.



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