Trip through Wonderland with these two new Alice posters

It's been so long since you've seen any new promotional materials from ALICE IN WONDERLAND. To fill the aching void inside of you, I've found two new posters from the film.

This time the White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat get the solo poster treatment. They're both so colorful! It might be the emo inside of me, but I love the one of the Cheshire Cat.

MTV also learned an interesting fact when it came to the non-soundtrack, "Almost Alice". The soundtrack that 14 year olds can jam out to is actually "inspired by" the film. The title of the album comes from a line in ALICE. When I think ALICE IN WONDERLAND, Avril Lavinge is not the first musical artist to come to mind. Perhaps the disc is "inspired by" the Hot Topic/Tim Burton side of the spectrum. Whatever makes your ears happy, I suppose.

Extra Tidbit: When ALICE comes up, I immediately think "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane. Then I'm just one orange to the noggin away from FEAR AND LOATHING.
Source: MTV Movies Blog



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