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Exclusive: Trivia game with the stars of Hit and Run, Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, Joy Bryant and Tom Arnold

Aug. 17, 2012by: JimmyO

There is always at least one cool flick that comes out of nowhere and blows me away in the summer months. While HIT AND RUN may not have as much action as your typical summer blockbuster, it has something that most of this summers offerings dont have a big freakin heartful of fun!

Written, directed (along with David Palmer) and starring Dax Shepard, this road movie hearkens back to a time when they used real cars and real characters in movies. The on-screen (and off) between he and his real life gal Kristen Bell is off the charts charismatic. Yet dont be fooled into thinking this is simply a lame romantic comedy, because Shepards love for cars is also on display and at times his foot is heavy on the pedal with some wildly entertaining car chase sequences.

Since HIT AND RUN often plays homage to the road flicks of the seventies and early eighties, we had the opportunity to see just how much the cast really knows about those particular films. Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, Tom Arnold and Joy Bryant sat down to play a little game of trivia. We got all trivial pursuit on these four after a hectic day of interviews, but they graciously played along

HIT AND RUN will be colliding into theatres on August 22nd. I highly recommend seeking this terrific little film!



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3:20PM on 08/20/2012
"Fuck me.. fuck you!!" lmao... And it's crazy, Joy was all over the place, she was so into it.
"Fuck me.. fuck you!!" lmao... And it's crazy, Joy was all over the place, she was so into it.
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Latest Movie News Headlines

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