Tron coming to Disney Channel as TV series

Disney has announced that they're developing a TV series based on the TRON movies that will debut in 2011 on Disney XD, the channel devoted to 6-14-year-old boys; boys whose parents were probably that age when the original TRON hit theaters. But alas, everything old is new again and with TRON: LEGACY hitting theaters in December, the studio thought this would be a perfect time to reconnect the franchise with kids who are already completely immersed in the online world.

The series will start with 10 "micro-episodes" that will preview the launch of the official series later than year. The series will be CG-animated and it's unclear exactly who the series will follow - if it will be the characters in LEGACY or a completely new set of characters in the TRON universe. (I'm gonna guess it'll be more of a spinoff than sequel as I'm sure Disney Pictures would like to save any stories with these characters for a potential LEGACY sequel.)

Whatever it is, Disney has a LOT staked on the TRON franchise and this new TV show it just one way of capitalizing on a marketing campaign that's already in place. I guess the question is whether little kids will be interested in TRON universe. I mean WE are because we're nerds and we're nostalgic for movies that we saw when we were kids. Someday our kids will grow up and be nostalgic for PERCY JACKSON...

Extra Tidbit: Enough screwing around, just create the TRON universe and let us all live inside of it already.
Source: THR



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