Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski wants to launch into Oblivion next

Judging by the Comic Con response, TRON: LEGACY director Joe Kosinski could have a massive hit on his hands. And while he's still putting the polish on the lightcycles, he's also looking to what's ahead.

Kosinski has been developing a remake of Disney's THE BLACK HOLE (paid fan service in the TRON: LEGACY trailer), but he has his sights on something else he wants to tackle next: his original sci-fi story OBLIVION. According to Deadline, Kosinski is making the studio rounds pitching the project for him to direct, with Disney getting first crack.

Based on a graphic novel from the increasingly prominent Radical Studios, the story involves "a battle-damaged soldier who, assigned to a desolate planet after a court-martial, patrols the bleak landscape in an effort to destroy the last vestiges of a primitive alien race. When a mysterious traveler arrives unexpectedly, their lives become inextricably linked as they are forced to question everything they know about this world and themselves."

Extra Tidbit: The project was initially announced before last year's Comic Con, with David Fincher producing.



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