Tron Legacy gets a bonus level from Pixar

Just a week or so before the 3D sequel TRON: LEGACY blasts into San Diego for the massive Comic Con push, we're hearing that the movie got a few extra pixels and polygons courtesy of the masters at Pixar.

EW says that director Joe Kosinski showed an early cut of the movie to some Pixar people, and Disney then hired THE INCREDIBLES mastermind Brad Bird and TOY STORY 3 writer Michael Arndt to scratch out a few pages for the movie's already-planned reshoots.

The duo reportedly provided some extra shine to the "character, emotion, and theme" of the movie, which is still described as "very much Joe Kosinski’s vision". Looks like the Disney-Pixar relationship is good for everyone.

The sequel stars Garrett Hedlund as Sam, the son of TRON's Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges). Sam ventures into the digital world to find his former hotshot programmer dad, who has been lost in the circuits for decades. They get help from Olivia Wilde, oh my User:

Extra Tidbit: Watched the original TRON just this past weekend, and was delighted to see that it holds up pretty damn well (dated graphics and tech aside).
Source: EW



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