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Tron Night will let you witness 20 minutes of IMAX 3D footage from Tron Legacy


Remember last year's "AVATAR Day", when Fox and James Cameron theatrically previewed 16 minutes of 3D footage from his sci-fi epic in an attempt to build buzz? The response at the time was lukewarm... and the movie went on to make a few  billion dollars anyway.

So Disney is giving it a shot with TRON Night 2010, which will unveil 20 minutes of 3D IMAX footage from TRON: LEGACY. The revelation was a result of the latest viral which was graciously deciphered by people with more smarts and/or free time than myself -- you can track the details here at Coming Soon.

The event will take place on October 28th, and free tickets will be available as of October 12th. Click below for all the details.

Extra Tidbit: Did you go to AVATAR Day? Will you hit this one?
Source: Coming Soon



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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