Tron sequel coming!

It only took 25 years but a TRON sequel is finally in the making! Disney is in final negotiations with director Joseph Kosinski, who you might remember recently signed a deal to direct LOGAN'S RUN for Warner Bros. Kosinski, a disciple of David Fincher, will oversee visual development of the film and work on the script with "Lost" writers Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. While details on the plot are being kept secret, Disney says this film will be the "next chapter" in the TRON storyline. As you might expect, FX studios are falling all over themselves to work on this project, which inspired many of their careers. Steven Lisberger, who directed the original film, will be on-board as a producer. Lisberger is seeing a renaissance of sorts lately, just recently signing on to direct his first project in over ten years. It's unclear how Kosinski will juggle both TRON and LOGAN'S RUN as Disney and Warner Bros. would probably love to get both going before the impending strike next summer. Which will get going first? Stay tuned as details begin to leak out...

Extra Tidbit: Despite the groundbreaking computer FX in TRON, the film wasn't nominated for Best Visual Effects at the Oscars.



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