Tropic stars sing?

I can't say that I watched the "American Idol" finale last night but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the TROPIC THUNDER stars - Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey, Jr. - made an appearance. They were part of a filmed clip where they were playing the part of The Pips for Gladys Knight during a rendition of "Midnight Train to Georgia." Strange that Paramount would promote a hard R-rated comedy during a show whose audience is perhaps an average of 15-years-old but it's cool by me! I'm sure some kid at home was wondering why Iron Man was dancing with those two funny guys.

It's a funny clip but it could have been a little funnier with some better editing. At one point Downey and Black disappear offstage and Black falls back with his pants down but it's hard to see what's going on because the camera keep cutting back to a Gladys Knight close-up. Yes, we love Gladys Knight but it's a comedy bit so keep it on the guys doing the comedy.

If you haven't seen the new red band TROPIC THUNDER trailer, you must check it out now. It's just about as hilarious as one can expect and has me counting down the days till August.

Source: JoBlo Video



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