Tropic/Rocker releases

TROPIC THUNDER, Jack Black The release dates for two upcoming comedies have recently been changed. First, Paramount seems to be showing some faith in Ben Stiller's TROPIC THUNDER by pushing back its original August 15th release two days to August 13th so it can start raking in the dough from Wednesday. The story, as you may recall, centers on Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. as lunatic actors who are unknowingly dropped into a real-life war situation.

Secondly, Fox Atomic has decided that the Rainn Wilson starring THE ROCKER will best be served by an August 20th release, a three week move from its original July 30th release. This could mean that they're having some doubts about it's bankability or that they have enough confidence in it that a three week move won't affect its box office prospects. Or it could simply mean the director needs a little more time to finish up. Whatever the case, those of you looking forward to the flick will have to wait a little bit longer.

Extra Tidbit: Let's forget about everything other than the fact that Emma Stone is in THE ROCKER and she's oh so great.
Source: ParamountFox Atomic



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