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True Detective's Cary Fukunaga may bring us the adaptation of IT next


I just want everyone to know that it is really hard for me to bring myself to write any articles pertaining to the adaptation of Stephen Kingís IT. We know the mini-series with Tim Curry is the thing of nightmares but itís beyond that. It caused my fear of clowns, and then KILLER CLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE made it worse. THANKS, MOM.

Anyway, the last we heard of the adaptation was in 2012 when it was initially announced that TRUE DETECTIVEís Cary Fukunaga would direct and helm. Well, at the time he wasnít the amazing director of the HBO series. But whatís going on with it, and when will we see it?

Producer on the project, Dan Lin had an update:

Cary Fukunaga is writing and directing Stephen Kingís It for me, and Iím really excited for that. So Iím hoping thatíll be his next movie after the indie heís shooting in Africa. So I love what he did with True Detective. I think itís a great sample for Stephen Kingís It. So Iím really excited about that.

Now that this is all fresh on my mind, I am really freaking excited that Fukunaga is bringing this to the big screen. ButÖnot excited about not being able to sleep for months on end.

I hate clowns.

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