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Try to figure out what exactly Tomar-Re is in this new image from Green Lantern


It's an alien chicken bird fish!

Nope, actually it's Tomar-Re, a member of the GREEN LANTERN Corps. A new shot of him has surfaced online.

We only got to see a quick glimpse of him in the trailer so this image is quite nice. Tomar-Re was a scientist on the planet Xudar before becoming a pivotal member of Lantern Corps. Abin-Sur was once close friends with Tomar-Re. I'm guessing in the film Tomar-Re will report about Sinestro's abuse of power. Unless they just let him hang out in the background and say sciencey stuff and what not. In my comic adventures I never really read a lot of Green Lantern so if anyone has any other insight please regale us.

Check out the image below. I've also provided an image of how Tomar-Re looks in the comics.

Extra Tidbit: John Larroquette voices Tomar-Re in GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT.



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