Tucci's killer Bones

Stanley Tucci Current transient "ER" nutcase torturer (a distinguished list that includes John Leguizamo, Paul McCrane and many others) Stanley Tucci is in final talks to join the upcoming Peter Jackson directed drama THE LOVELY BONES as pedophile/murderer George Harvey. Adapted from the best-selling Alice Sebold novel of the same name, the story centers on young Susie Salmon (portrayed by newbie Saoirse Rona) narrating from heaven the events that unfold after the vile Mr. Harvey brutally rapes and murders her. Ryan Gosling and Rachel Weisz co-star as Suzie's parents. Production is expected to begin in October in Pennsylvania and, of course, New Zealand. Tucci can next be seen making life impossible for the hard-working, professionally solid yet personally fucked up physicians in the aforementioned "ER", will soon be seen in the Kevin Costner starring comedy SWING VOTE and can next be heard in the pretty self-explanatory animated film SPACE CHIMPS.

Extra Tidbit: Tucci played Stanley Kubrick in THE LIFE AND DEATH OF PETER SELLERS then acted in the Steven Spielberg directed former Kubrick project AI.



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