Tucker does Sinatra

Could it be that now that the RUSH HOUR franchise is over (please God), that Chris Tucker will get back to acting? Tucker and none other than RUSH HOUR director Brett Ratner are in talks to reteam on an adaptation of the book "Mr. S: My Life With Frank Sinatra," a memoir written by Sinatra's driver George Jacobs. Tucker would star as Jacobs, Sinatra's personal valet from 1953-68. Tucker met with Jacobs this summer and sparked to the story and he and Ratner brought the story to New Line who optioned the rights. William Stadiem, who co-wrote the book with Jacobs, will take first crack at the script. Perhaps the hardest part, aside from getting Chris Tucker to actually star in a film, would be finding the right actors to play the Rat Pack. Many have tried before and most have failed. It's unlikely the untitled project would get going before the 2008 strike so don't go holding your breath. Ratner is still trying to get his Eddie Murphy/Chris Rock heist comedy off the ground and Tucker is prepping an upcoming stand-up tour.

Extra Tidbit: Jacobs is now a master chef AND a carpenter. Huh?!
Source: Variety



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